Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well another fantastic football season is about to start and what better time to start blogging/gambling again. There is a ton of good lines on the bored already and some sneaky ones as well. First tings first, a friend of mine has started a fantasy website for NFL and NHL. It's like $25/ team for the whole year. Decent deal if ya ask me. is the name of the site. Check it out. Some decent prizes for a low cost. Now to get down to the football talk lol. This year is looking like it could be one of the best in recent memory. A ton of teams have a illegitimate shot at the title this year. (still hoping the Steelers kill everyone lol). In the NFC, the eagle, packers, falcons and cards look real good. That NFC north division looks beast to be honest. The bears D is always crazy good. The packers are the defending champs and have a healthy team again. But I think the biggest surprise in that division is going to be the Lions. (if Stafford can stay healthy of coarse). There D line is crazy good and there offence can move the ball very quick.
The AFC will still have the regular top teams with a few that could surprise people. The Pats and Jets in the east, The Ravens and Steelers in the north, the Chargers and the Cheifs in the west and the Texans and the Colts in the south.  I really don't see to many surprises in the AFC. Maybe the Colts will stumble with Manning not getting to it right away and maybe the Chargers get off to there slow start again. There is a chance that maybe the Browns upset a few teams this year with the power running from Hillis and McCoy's strong arm. But they are in the north and will need to leap the Ravens or Steelers to have a shot at the post season. I'm going to be talking a bit more fantasy this year for all you fantasy players. Well I think that's about all I got to say tonight. Lets start off the season with a few winners and lets fucking make some cash !!!! Good luck everyone. 


Well it's been a long off season but now that football is back I can finally stop getting killed by the MLB! Look for new posts and lots of plays in the coming weeks/months in NCAAF and NFL. Happy to be back to football picks lol. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ok so I like to think that I have heard it all. Then this 20 year old kid that works for me tells me the most fucked up story I have heard in awhile. So he went to school in Burlington. (The land of the no ghetto). Lots of white Collar folk live there. So he's telling me about hazing and shit on his football teams back in high school. I join in the conversation by telling him what we used to make rookies do. Than the hockey team comes into the convo. If some of you don't know, hockey players are a little fucked up and after I heard this story I think not quite straight either. This fucking guy tells me about how they made 2 rookies do the connector in the change room. What is the connector you ask ? Well the connector is when a uncircumcised man pulls his foreskin over another mans circumcised penis. They look like there connected, hence the name the connector.................. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Times sure have fucking changed if this is what the kids are doing now. |Fuck we would shave shit into peoples head, make them wear the cheer leading outfit, make him run nude down the hall, shit like that. But connecting another mans junk to yours is really fucking unstraight! Now I asked him if this shit happened on any other teams other then hockey and he said no. So I got to ask the hockey players out there why they do this? Why go down the homo road? You guys hit on the ice, you fight on the ice, you talk shit about other players wives on the ice. Then ya get into the change room and connect to each other by your pickles?!?!?!? Fucked up! I need to get some feed back on this subject. Maybe I'm so outdated that this is the norm now and I'm the idiot for not connecting. I would probably punch the fuck out of someone if they said I had to do this. Well hit me up with your input on this subject. Would love to hear what ya have to say about this homo shit.

Also i would like to spread the word about some shit. There are some people that could really use your help. I give blood like a champ but never thought to give bone marrow. If some peeps could do me a solid and check out the website It would help out a bunch. Also thanks for all the people that stuck around when I went MIA. It's been a big year in my life and it's good to have it back to normal.

Thanks everyone.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


So it's round 3 in the playoffs now. Should be the best of the best and yet I have seen some of the worst goal tending I think I've seen all year. Some of these scores are redonk.  I'm not rethinking my whole strategy and going over on all games. Every one I don't give a fuck lol. Until the guys between the pipes can show me a reason not to of coarse. GL tonight everyone! Short and sweet I am beat. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Life has finally slowed down for a bit I think and down from 75 hr/week to 60 hrs/week. So it's time to blog again and let me tell ya there has been quite a few things that have pissed me off in the last few months. Tonight's topic is going to be gas prices. Now I know I'm a little late to jump on this one but I don't give a fuck. Because of the ridicules prices I have been left with no choice but to sell my truck and buy a car, all be it a 2012 ford focus SEL. Still a fucking car! It kinda feels like I'm driving a go-kart. Any ways there talking about 1.50/L in the summer and that's like $145 a tank for me to fill my truck a week. Just not possible or realistic. What really gets me is that we sell our oil to the fucking US due to the fact we don't have enough refineries up here to process than they sell it back to us at a higher price. Here's an idea BUILD SOME FUCKING REFINERIES !!!!!!!!! The fucking oil cock heads make some crazy amount of money a year and your telling me they cant put some refineries in fucking Edmonton ??? Kick some natives off the rez and build it there. There useless anyways. I think what I'm saying is that I'm just tired of taking one up the hooper all the time. Just never seems to end. But seeing how Harper is being filled by Osama/Obama I doubt anything is going to change. That's all I really have to say about that. No wait one more thing........ ITS GOOD TO BE BACK AND LETS MAKE SOME MONEY !!!!